A View from the Side Lines

Some of the folks at The Orchard Church may well have been asking, "Where's Pastor Tim?" It's been about a month since I last spoke on a Sunday morning at church. While I love to proclaim God's Word, sitting amongst the congregation has been great, because along with everyone else at the church I have been able to enjoy the ministry of others.

Not only has Pastor Scott stepped up to the plate to preach this past month, but so have a couple of our elders. What's more it hasn't just been in the pulpit where we've seen others step up and use their gifts, we've enjoyed guest worship leaders too. In fact when I look back over this past month, from the Sunday morning worship services, to the parades in McHenry and Wonder Lake, to the mission trip to Tennessee and many other places beside, I have seen men and women and children from our church serving others and using the gifts and abilities that God has given them.

One of our core values at The Orchard is empowering leadership, it speaks of our desire to be a church where our leaders are equippers, coming alongside, resourcing and releasing God's people for service. While we always have room to grow, it's been great to see how with a diversity of styles and personalities that is exactly what has been happening at The Orchard. While it's easy to notice when someone different steps up on stage to serve on a Sunday morning, it's not always as easy to see how many people there are serving week in and week out behind the scenes. Thanks to all of you for the way that your service ministers to me!

It's been great for me to take a seat on the sidelines for a couple of weeks (although I've been busy with some other projects), but I'm ready to jump back in with both feet. Whether you've been coming to The Orchard for a while or are new to the church, if you're sitting on the sidelines, I sure hope that you're enjoying the view, but it's really about time you jumped in to the game!


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