Thankful Citizens

I followed a pickup truck through town this morning on my way to the office. It proudly displayed an American Flag waving in the breeze above the drivers side window and a United States Marine Corp flag waving above the passenger side.

Such proud displays of patriotism are not unusual, especially from vets who served the nation honorably, but as I followed him, I found myself thinking about our citizenship as Christ ones.

Hebrews 12:28-29 tells us: Therefore since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us give thanks offering acceptable worship to God, for our God is a consuming fire.

For those who are followers of Jesus Christ we are receiving a Kingdom, a blood purchased inheritance, and as such we are according to Scripture, citizens first and foremost of the Kingdom of God.

We live in a world that desperately needs us to put our citizenship on display, because when we do, people will gaze in wonder and perhaps be drawn to the King through us. However, I'm not talking about putting our citizenship on display by waving a flag from a car and certainly not by attaching a fish to the trunk, rather we ought to put our citizenship on display by living with confidence, knowing that the Kingdom that we are receiving cannot be shaken, it is certain and secure. We ought to live give thanks to God for the peace that we have in His promises and to display our citizenship by worshiping Him.

How do we do that?

Well, the writer of Hebrews goes on to give us some examples of how we can live as citizens of the Kingdom, worshiping God in a way that pleases Him. It's right there in the text in verses 1-6 of Hebrews chapter 13 (don't let the poor chapter division in our English texts fool you!). Take some time to read through it today, and let's proudly put our citizenship on display- not because we're boasting in it, but because we know that it is through Christ and Christ alone that we are receiving it, and that others can receive it too!


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