Who we want to lead us should be who we want to be!

I don't know if you are as tired of all the campaign ads as I am, but I am definitely looking forward to November 3. It seems like in every election cycle the negative campaigning just goes from bad to worse.

This fall, as I am travelling through the Bible in 90 days, I read about a week ago about the life of King Solomon. When given the opportunity by God in 2 Chronicles 1, to ask for anything he wanted, Solomon asked, "Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?" Accordingly God answered his prayer and Solomon became the wisest man ever to have lived.

Over these past few days I have also been reading of another Old Testament saint, Job. Despite the trials that afflicted him he refused to compromise his integrity or speak evil of God or of his less than encouraging companions.

To be wise is in essence to live life well before God, taking full advantage of what He has made available to us. Integrity is consistency of character, it is about being whole-hearted, entirely consistent and unswervingly committed to that which is good and right and true.

Men of wisdom and integrity seem to be in short supply in our day. I do not say that to add my own jab at our political candidates but simply to point out that most people don't even seem to have these two characteristics on their radar screen.

This election season let us pray that God would me merciful and give us these kinds of leaders, people of wisdom and people of integrity. However, let us also reflect on the reality that often what we desire in others is what we give a free pass to ourselves on. Too many followers of Jesus live each day looking no different whatsoever than anybody else. If we profess to be disciples of Jesus Christ then to live the same way as someone who is not is to be a person of compromise, a person who lacks integrity. Likewise a follower of Jesus Christ who does not seek after God, taking advantage of the resources that He has provided for us by His Spirit in every decision and every moment is what the Bible refers to as a fool!

Let's pray this election season for leaders who lead with wisdom and integrity, but more than that let's seek, by the grace and power of God to live ourselves as people of wisdom and integrity.


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