Seeing Clearly

I've been wearing glasses for nearly 10 years now, so it doesn't happen very often, but a couple of weeks back I got up on with my son Benjamin early one morning and didn't put my glasses on. At first didn't notice anything different, after all it was early and I was tired, but it didn't take long before I started to feel like something wasn't quite right. Putting my glasses on when I get up in the morning has become second nature to me and so the idea that I actually hadn't done it didn't even cross my mind. When I eventually realized that I wasn't wearing them it suddenly made sense to me why nothing that I had done that morning seemed quite right. Then putting them, although an entirely routine thing, I immediately noticed how much clearer and sharper everything became.

Too often, as followers of Jesus Christ we neglect to put our spiritual glasses on. We look around and sense that things aren't quite right, but often are not sure exactly why. The nagging sense that something is wrong won't go away and so we turn on Fox News and wait for someone to tells us why things aren't right, but the problem is that we need to make sure our corrective lenses are firmly in place. The corrective lens that I am talking about is the Bible, the Word of God. In it we find God's perspective, the true, right and clear perspective.

Everyone of us faces countless decisions each day and often we feel helpless and alone in making some of these choices. A few years ago Christians everywhere were asking the question that they had stampled on their woven bracelet, "What would Jesus Do?" It's not a bad question to ask, but the real answer is one that it seems like most Christians don't really want to hear. Jesus would bring the Word of God to bear on His situation. We see this all throughout the Gospels.

How about you? Do you have a plan to put on your God-given glasses each day? When we take time to read and study God's Word we find ourselves in increasing measure with a clearer perspective on the issues of daily life.

I've been wearing glasses for long enough to know that without them I'm likely to injure myself in one way or another. If you are trying to all the stuff that comes along each day without the aid and perspective that are found in God's Word, be careful where you're stepping!

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