31 Days of Prayer for Easter

This 31 Day Prayer Guide serves to focus and unite our prayers as we approach our Easter services. Please begin praying with us on March 1 and continue through March 31 (Easter Day!).

March 1           Thank God for the people who have given their lives to Christ at The Orchard and pray that God would use us for His purpose and glory this Easter.

March 2           Pray for the Movie & a Dog fundraiser tonight for our mission teams.  Pray for the mission trips coming up this summer and fall and that God would be preparing hearts.

March 3           Pray that each person in our church would be consumed with a passion for souls leading up to Easter and beyond.

March 4           Pray for wisdom for The Orchard Staff to lead their ministry areas in preparation for Easter.

March 5           Pray that our children, and our Ozone students would be inspired with boldness to share Jesus in their schools and invite their friends this Easter.

March 6           Pray for Pastor Tim as he prepares the Easter message and that God would anoint him to communicate that message at the Easter services.

March 7           Pray that God will raise up more volunteers to serve in the ministry teams at The Orchard.  Pray too for Pastor Tim as he is travelling today and tomorrow.

March 8           Pray that every volunteer would be focused and enabled to fulfill their responsibility in a way that is honoring to Christ.

March 9           Pray for those being baptized tomorrow that they will continue to grow in their faith and be bold for Christ.

March 10         Pray that God will give us as a church as greater passion for prayer and that tonight’s Prayer First gathering will be a powerful time led by His Spirit.

March 11         Pray that our desire to become a Generous Church compels us to make a greater impact in our community and world this Easter.  Pray that God would show you how He would have you grow in generosity.

March 12         Pray that each of us would be passionate about inviting people to Easter and that God would give us opportunities to invite those who don’t know Christ or have wandered away from their faith.

March 13         Pray for the people who come to our Easter services to be receptive to the gospel and for courage to make Jesus Lord of their lives. Pray for those who need to rededicate their lives and make a commitment to put God first.

March 14         Pray for more Growth Group leaders and disciplers to help people get connected and become fully functioning followers of Christ.

March 15         Pray for you. Pray that you will understand that souls are at stake so that you do your part in helping people come to know Christ this Easter.

March 16         Pray that our Easter services would unite our church like never before with a focus to evangelize and disciple our community.

March 17         Pray that we will break our record Easter attendance so that more people hear the gospel in this place than ever before.

March 18         Pray that all the components (worship, media, etc.) of our Easter services to flow smoothly.

March 19         Pray against the work of Satan. Pray for all hindrances to be removed that would keep people from receiving Christ as their Savior this Easter.

March 20         Pray that God would draw the hearts of those who receive our postcard in the mail to come Easter weekend.

March 21         Pray for the other Bible teaching churches in our community that God will use them this Easter to bring in a great harvest of souls.  Remember specifically: Alliance Bible Church, First Baptist, Maranatha Assembly, Meadowland, McHenry EV Free, The Chapel, Wonder Lake Bible.

March 22         Pray again for those you have invited to come and that God would do whatever is necessary to bring them in.

March 23         Pray that the children who attend the Easter Egg Hunt today would understand who Jesus is and that He loves them.

March 24         Pray for Hansen Voss and our worship team as they lead us each week and as they prepare for our Easter services.  Pray that God would be honored in our worship.

March 25         Pray that every heart present this Easter would be good soil and that even now God will be preparing every person who will come.

March 26         Pray that nobody who God is drawing this Easter would be distracted or prevented from coming and hearing His voice.

March 27         Praise God that He loves this community more than we ever could, and ask Him to give us a greater love and greater sense of urgency for our neighbors.

March 28         Pray for Pastor Tim, Pastor Scott and Pastor Dennis, Hansen Voss and Deb Dressler for strength and grace in the midst of this very busy week.

March 29         Pray for our Good Friday service this evening that lives will be changed.

March 30         Pray for our greeters and parking lot attendants that their welcome would be used by God to break down barriers and stereotypes and put our guests at ease.

March 31         Pray for many lives to be changed today!


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