Every Leader Needs A Backup Quarterback

The latest installment of the longest running rivalry in the National Football League, between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers took place yesterday.  (Anyone who knows me is right now probably pretty surprised that I am discussing sports.)

The Chicago Bears went into this game without a couple of key players who right now are on the injury list, most notably Jay Cutler the quarterback, leaving Josh McCown their backup to lead the team out.  Things took an interesting turn however in the first play of the game, when the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury, breaking his collar-bone and knocking him out of the rest of the game.  So up stepped Seneca Wallace their backup for the rest of the game.

For those who haven't heard, the Bears went on to win the game, but the idea of having another quarterback waiting in the wings is important for every leader.  The difference between the NFL and a ministry environment however is that while in the NFL they hope that they will never have to need their backup, as leaders in ministry we ought to be working hard to be preparing them to replace us!

The question is, who are we investing in?  Who are we preparing to turn the game over to?  More than that, how are we intentionally working to train and equip them?  A leader who leaves others warming the bench isn't serious about really fulfilling 2 Timothy 2:2 and passing on to faithful men who will themselves teach others.

Sadly some leaders disqualify themselves, others are taken out of the game unexpectedly by sickness or death, some serve faithfully for years until its time to retire, still others are called by God to play on a different field, but none of us are irreplaceable.  A wise leader invests in others and in doing so they multiply their influence and make sure that the ball keeps moving down the field long after they leave.

Who are you investing in?  Are you serious about replacing yourself?  How are you doing it?

Leaders leave a comment, I'd love to know how you are equipping faithful men.


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