Shift #4: Seeing leadership as a joy not a burden

Developing a culture of leadership development takes a shift from leadership as a burden to leadership as a joy.
A friend of mine tells the story of walking down the hallway of the church that he pastored and seeing the monumental passing of the baton of leadership of their children’s ministry.  One frazzled lady carrying a big crate of files and curriculum marching up to another, dumping the crate down and announcing, “Well, it’s your problem now!”
There is no doubt about it, leadership is hard work, but in too many churches all that is communicated about leadership is that it is a burden.  In some places rather than it being a noble task to aspire to (1 Tim 3:1), those who are in leadership roles are simply the people who were unlucky enough not to have been able to come up with an excuse when they were asked to serve.  Leaders ought to be celebrated for their service, our churches desperately need to regain a sense that to serve God and His people in a position of leadership at whatever level is an honorable thing.
How do you publicly recognize and celebrate those who are serving in leadership in your church or ministry.  Be intentional about telling the stories of your leaders, especially those who serve behind the scenes, and look for opportunities to do it regularly.  Perhaps consider intentionally identifying and celebrating one leader every month.
Reflect: In your church, is ministry leadership something that people aspire to or something that they dread?


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